The best asanas for fotalecer the core

The asanas or postures of Yoga exercises are functional in achieving work various muscle chains. Far from the cliché that says that Yoga is to relax and stretch out, the Yoga has left us some of the best exercises or asanas to strengthen the core. Do you want to see? Continue reading...

Asanas to have a core strong

Many of the disciplines of modern most well-known, as well as present techniques of hypopressive abdominal gymnastics or Pilates method, has been based on the Yoga to be created. If you're going to practice these exercises for the abdomen and core , and you have any doubts, you can see this guide for practicing yoga at home that will allow you to do these positions, or asanas correctly.

Sukha Navasana

Sukha Navasana or position of the boat is one of the best asanas for strengthening the core and that's why he heads this list. An advantage of this exercise over other abdominal exercises, is that Navasana works compensated the entire abdominal area. Rectus abdominis, quadratus lumborum, oblícuos, transverse of the abdomen.

The exercise supports sequences or variants for beginners. If we place the legs slightly flexed, and the abdominal strength that is required for the exercise will be much lower, making it affordable for the less experienced.

Among its benefits we highlight that the position of the boat serves to reduce the fat of waist, to strengthen the legs, the lumbar area, and develop balance.

Sirsasana or the head

This Asana is the first of the 12 positions of classical Hatha Yoga. Unlike other Yoga poses, Salamba Sirsasana requires a abdominal strength considerable, and a mastery of the bandhas or locks.

The control of breath is very important, at the same time that the abdominal strength and control, as a breathing badly executed could unbalance the position. Among its benefits we want to emphasize that this position strengthens both the spine as arms and legs, in addition to the abdomen. It also stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands.

Against you, we want to emphasize that Sirsasana is not for everyone, as it has some contraindications.

The best positions of irons in yoga

The plates are one of the isometric exercises best-known and most effective for working the abdomen and the core in general. In Yoga also it works by using plates of the abdomen. A guide to Yoga, as you can help when you go to do these asanas at home.

Chaturanga Dandasana

This time I've left the best exercise of all for the end. If there is an iron effectively, that is the asana Chaturanga Dandasana. This position is one of the Asanas that form the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar. The exercise is similar to the plank abdominal classic, but instead of supporting the shoulders, in this iron to support the palms of the hands and put the elbows to 90º.

In addition to working your abdominal strengthwith this exercise we will get a very good activation of the muscles of the arms.

Yoga Asanas to stretch the abdomen

And what do we stretch when we're done? Just as there are asanas to work the core, we also have a proposal, an asana, that you can use to stretch for when the end of the work the abdomen:

Ustrasana or position of the camel

Thanks to the position of the camel or Ustrasana, we got a great stretching of the abdomen. In addition, postural is beneficial for those people who have droopy shoulders or attitude cifótica.

Against them we can say that people with herniated lumbar or cervical can not perform this posture, as well as those with problems of blood pressure.

If you practice Yoga regularly and you think we've left any position... we look forward to your comments.

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