Push ups PUSH UP

The Push ups Push Up are a complete exercise that can work the chest (pectoralis major), arms and the abdomen. Learn how to do this exercise, involved muscles, and to avoid the most frequent errors.

How to do push ups push up

The starting position for this exercise is similar to the pushup position, but with hands. The arms maintain a separation greater than the width of the shoulders, in such a way that the lower form an angle of 90°.

The body is kept straight at all times (in irons), following a line from head to heels (and kept both up, or down), as one of the most frequent errors is that of arching the back. The center of the body must be kept activated, that is to say, with the abdomen contracted.

Push ups push up for beginners

It is possible that the principle is too expensive this year. To subtract a little bit of difficulty, you can support your knees on the ground, that if, while maintaining the straight line position (plank) from your knees up to the crown of the head.

Involved muscles: push-up

With this exercise we work the following muscles:

  • Pectoralis major (chest)
  • Biceps (arm)
  • Deltoid (shoulder)
  • Abdominal muscles

Video: how to do Push-Up push-ups

Here you have a video on Nestor Serra and Gemma Agustí show you how to do the push-up correctly. In the video you can see the tutorial with example on how to do this exercise. Also you can see also the frequent errors and how to fix them.

In addition, at the end of the video are shown variations of this exercise that increase the difficulty, you can do as your strength grows.

Common mistakes when doing push ups push-up

The most common error in push-ups push up is the tonnage of the back. It is important for a good execution of this exercise to avoid injury.

Frequent errors

  • Down with the hip, arching the back
  • Up too the hip, raising the buttocks and curves the back
  • Stick your head too
  • Move back, arqueándola down

Challenges fitness push ups push-up 30 days

If you're looking for a challenge to Push-up of 30 days to exercise your arms, pectoral and abdominal, here you have two different to choose from: