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Some of the searches more popular in the internet on the buttocks are: "exercises for buttocks", "exercise to increase buttocks", "how to increase the buttocks" and "exercises for lifting buttocks". If you are looking for a group class in which you do exercises to increase the buttocks, you should ask for a class of GAP.

Each day more people want to increase and lift your buns, if some years ago the aim was to have the small back, today the ass as large as Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez are the most popular, you are looking for exercises to have an ass that is voluminous, but firm, smooth and without cellulite.

Tricks and exercises to increase buttocks

Let's see how all this works, how to increase the buttocks. In addition to these keys to have a few buttocks perfect, the genetics of each one, and the constitution of the body have a direct influence on this area. I'm not saying that you get discouraged, it will take more or less time, will cost more or less effort, but it is possible.

Keys to have a perfect ass

  • Eat well (*1)
  • Do exercises for buttocks on a regular basis (*2)
  • Exercise cardio (*3)

(*1) food is key, of little use to do all the exercises of ass in the world, if after you eat properly.

(*2) Exercises for the glutes, that we will see further down this post.

(*3) exercise-cardio is highly beneficial to tone the buttocks. Exercises such as running, whether on a treadmill or outside, elliptical, aerobics... if you're looking for an alternative more fun, you can try a Zumba class or Salsation. Another activity more hard and with more exercises localized to the buttocks is Piloxing. In addition, the cardio helps to burn calories and lose weight.

Anatomy of the glutes

Before we get to the exercises, let's look a bit above as is the anatomy of the area. We speak of three muscles: gluteus major, medium and minor. Although there are more muscles, those three would be the important. All of them have importance in the function of the mobility of the legs and on the stability of the pelvis and the spine.

Gluteus maximus

The gluteus maximus is the muscle found in the superficial layer, is the muscle largest in the area. This muscle goes from the sacrum and ileum, until the upper part of the femur.

What is its function? This muscle is an important extensor of the hip, thanks to him we can move the thigh backwards, (with the help of other muscles: isquisurales). Also influences the stabilization of the pelvis and external rotation of the hip.

Gluteus medius

The gluteus medius is a muscle much smaller than the previous one, is located below the gluteus maximus. Serves as a hip abductor and abductor and rotator of the femur. Thanks to this muscle we can move the thigh toward the outside.

Buttock less

The gluteus minor is a muscle of much smaller size than the gluteus medius, and less strong, and with features similar to this.

Exercises buttocks

The little butt exercises focus on the gluteus maximus, since this is the most voluminous. Exercises such as squats are very effective to increase buttocks

Squats can be done in many ways, you can add items such as weight or bars. Can also be done leaning on the wall or on the wall with a fitball. There are also a number of mistakes that must be avoided in order not to overload the knees especially. Squats with bar or weight, you must take special attention to the position of the column.

The lunges are also an exercise beneficial to increase the buttocks. Are less aggressive to the knee joint if you do it backwards. It is important, both in the squats, like lunges or any other exercise for buttocks, do not bounce at the exercises. You should always have knowledge and consciousness about the body, to control all the movements.

Watch videos of exercises for buttocks

To finish, a few videos where you can see how to do the exercises for toning the buttocks, to have a "perfect ass", without cellulite and in your site.

  • Routine glutes + legs (10 minutes)

See all the videos of exercises for buttocks

If you want to show off legs and toned buttocks you can not miss this routine of exercises for legs and buttocks for 10 minutes.

Exercise routine for legs and glutes to do at home in 10 minutes

This routine includes these exercises:

  • Lifts to buttock in 1, 2 and 3 times
  • Strides with elevations of heel, 2 reps
  • Circles in balance
  • Stride length + curls, leg
  • Lateral raises + knee
  • Stride + push-ups
  • Elevations front / oblique
  • Elevations of heel

Routine legs and glutes video

Patry Jordan, of Gym Virtual, shows you this routine of leg and buttock so that you can make at home. The only thing you need to do this routine is a support point (a bar, a broom stick, a chair...).

Don't forget, that for this, or any other exercise routine fitness to be effective, must be followed consistently, several times a week, or better still, all days.

Videos with ejercicos for legs and buttocks

If you want to follow by toning your legs and buttocks, here are other videos with exercises for these zones, that you can work from home.

  • Exercises for legs in 5 minutes
  • Buttocks

In addition, you can also see these tricks anti cellulite and the 7 tips to lose weight. If you have time, and want to work your legs and glutes more full, you can attend a class GAP in your gym, where in addition to the legs and glutes, you work the abdominal area.

We all want to have that perfect ass, toned, no cellulite, but with volume, smooth and beautiful. Here you have the first step to achieve this, a routine in the video of exercises for buttocks for 10 minutes.

Video of exercises for buttocks in 10 minutes

I'm not going to say this "get a perfect ass in 10 minutes", I will tell you that you can get it in 10 minutes a day, for many days. Always remember that there is no magic formula for having a ass 10, to be consistent with exercise is the key.

Video with exercises localized to the buttocks

What else can you do to have a perfect ass? In addition to these exercises for buttocks that you've seen in the video, there are more things you can do to get that back 10. Follow these tips for weight loss or exercises to lose weight if your problem is being overweight. If you are looking for a class-directed in the exercises-buttock, the GAP is your class.

If you want to tone your legs and glutes, and you're willing to work hard, this is your routine. Here you have a kind of toning for buttocks and legs advanced, of a total duration of 47 minutes. Enjoy the exercise:

Class of toning legs and buttocks

This kind of toning video will help you to lose weight in an effective way.

what you want is to end up with cellulite, these exercises for glutes will come of wonder. You can see other exercises for the buttocks in the video section of Fitness.

Video toning for legs and glutes advanced