Dead weight: the exercise más complete and their benefits

The deadlift is an exercise of lifting weights. The exercise, also known as a deadliftconsists of lifting a bar with disks up to the waist, and is a complete exercise and the most functional, in which are involved several muscle chains.

Benefits of the dead weight

As this is a work of all the muscles to the full, we can ensure that the benefits of this exercise are numerous. The deadlift is an exercise highly functional that should not be missing in any routine.

  1. It is an exercise very complete, as it works muscles throughout the entire
  2. Increases strength
  3. Helps to eliminate fat
  4. Works the CORE
  5. It is a recommended exercise during the phase of muscle definition
  6. It tones the buttocks
  7. Strengthens the muscles of the back
  8. It works the cardiovascular system (if the exercise is performed intensely)

The technique is important

The weight is lifted from the ground. To perform the lift, it must be placed in front, in a straight position, with the pelvis and shoulder blades well placed. The bar should be grabbing it with the hands, at a distance a little greater than the width of the shoulders. The grip of the bar can be a prone (arms down) or supine (palms facing upwards).

In this exercise involved the legs, hips, shoulders, and arms. The lifting weight should be done avoiding the jerks, because that is an exercise in which the lack of technique can be highly detrimental, causing herniated lumbar disc, among other injuries. Therefore, a precaution to take when you are starting out, is to begin with weights that are small to acquire the appropriate technique.

Other variants of the dead weight

One of the most well-known variations of the deadlift or deadlift is the deadlift Romanian. This exercise works more flexed and in addition makes a greater stress on the lower body, specifically the hamstrings and glutes.

Another well-known variation is the sumo. As in the exercise of the squats, in the variant sumo the feet are placed with an angle (near 45 degrees) open, similar to that of sumo wrestlers, of which it takes its name. The variant sumo is more suited to people with some lumbar problem, such as low back pain, due to the opening of the legs and angulation of the feet.

The deadlift Romanian and the dead weight of sumo are the two most well-known variations, although there are more, as the stiff-leg dead. Variations in exercise are important to avoid stagnation.

The dead-weight loss to lose fat

Faced with the question of whether this exercise serves to lose weight, we answer a resounding. The deadlift is an exercise of infallible if we want to lose weight or lose fat, but it is also for those who are in the phase of muscle definition. If combined with the use of a thermogenic powerful, such as animal cuts, one of the most effective on the market, the effects of the deadlift or dead weight can be surprisingly good.

If you are looking for an exercise that burn calories, tone and strengthen all the muscles, the deadlift is your exercise 🙂

















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