Crunch abdominal

What is crunch abdominal? The crunch abdominal is the exercise of abdominal classic, of all life, in which, lying down with your back on the floor, raise the trunk to work the abdomen area.

How to make crunch abdominal

Lying on the back, with the knees bent and the feet flat on the floor. Keep the lower back flat on the floor, without arching your back, it is important that this area is resting on the ground, to avoid injury to the time of the contraction of the lower abdomen (top of page).

How to place your arms? What to do with them during the exercise? You can place them in one of these ways:

  • The arms can go placed with the hands behind the nape of the neck, as long as they are there as support, and not pulling from the neck up
  • Arms crossed over the chest
  • Arms stretched forward, when you upload remain on the outside of the legs, without touching them. (parallel to the quadriceps).

Crunch abdominal: abdominal crunch

Tightens the abdomen and lift the trunk upwards. Exhale on the way up and hold for a second before lowering. Keep the tension in the abdominal area during the entire exercise.

Return to the starting position, controlling the descent, without a drop of blow.

Muscles involved in the Crunch abdominal: major Rectus of the abdomen.

Frequent errors in the exercise crunch abdominal

Some errors that are usually committed when doing this exercise are:

  • Explosive movements in the exercise, climb up and down stroke. You should do the exercise from the abdominal strength, not from the impulse of the climb.
  • Push the neck forward. If the hands are on the nape of the neck, pull the neck forcefully to "help upload". This error not only subtracts effectiveness to the exercise, if you do not you may injure the cervical area.

Video, how to make crunch abdominal


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