Bleeding free

The bleeding free aware or free bleeding, is a form of menstruating without diapers, in which the woman is conscious and controls mainly the muscles of your pelvic floor. In this way, and thanks to the menstruation conscious, you do not need tampons, sanitary towels or drinks menstrual.

What is the bleeding-free conscious?

The movement of the bleeding or menses aware is that the rule flow, but controlling it enough to get to the bathroom to expel. The woman who practiced free bleeding is able to get to the bathroom to menstruate without problems, and does not need any type of product such as a sanitary napkin, tampon or cup.

From the first rule, we have been taught to put a panty liner, a tampon, or to use the menstrual cup. In this way, menstruamos carefree. But there are women who have managed to get rid of using these diapers thanks to the so-called menstruation aware. This bleeding aware is a skill that can be reached through the work of consciousness and the work of the pelvic oor muscles.

Does not hold the rule, if you don't contain it until you get to the bathroom

Those women who control their vagina and who know the secret of the bleeding-free because they do not want to look back. These women are able to retain the menstrual period by a contraction of the vaginal muscles then release it into the bathroom.

This does not mean that the bleeding free is "hold rule", goes far beyond that. In the freebleeding or bleeding aware there is NO hold on the rule, if you do not hold to go to the bathroom to expel. Again, through the work of one's own consciousness (to know when the uterus is going to eject blood), and muscles of the pelvic floor (to be able to contain and get to the bathroom).

The key is to know when the uterus will expel the blood

The bleeding free aware is the best alternative

Practice bleeding free is not easy, but it is not impossible. There is work for (and pretty), the musculature of the pelvic floor. Have a pelvic floor strong is vital to the woman. In addition to being able to menstruate without diapers, the work of these muscles he will deliver us out of bad experiences as suffer a prolapse (dropped organs), and may suffer loss of urine (urinary incontinence).

A way to get that work of the pelvic oor muscles, is through the use of chinese balls. These small balls with weight help keep in shape the muscles. The use of chinese balls has great benefits both for health as for sex.

But, why don't we accept our body? Many times the rule is treated almost as a taboo, a symbol of dirt and shame, when they should not. It is a natural process by which all pass that should be treated without stigma.

How to make the bleeding free step-by-step

It is not easy, rather the opposite. But it is not something unattainable, or is not able to get working and practicing. When the uterus "sends the signal" that you are going to menstruate, the muscles must contract to hold the output of the blood. At that time, you approach quietly to the bathroom and get him out. As simple and as difficult as that.

To perform the bleeding aware we need a few things:

  1. Musculature of the pelvic floor in the form (that conseguirmos by pelvic floor exercises)
  2. Awareness and body knowledge (which we got thanks to meditation)
  3. A long time
  4. Patience

Are needed several menstrual cycles (or times you come to the rule) to control the bleeding free. During the rest of the cycle, you can practice these contractions and exercises (such as Kegels, or exercises with chinese balls), and also perform meditations to be able to "feel" and "listen to the uterus", and although it sounds a little mystical, in reality, is the awareness of that part of our body, to be able to know when the uterus will expel the residue. This is the same, in the same way that we know when our bladder is full and we have to go to the bathroom.

Does Free bleeding, how does it work?

The problem (more on that problem, how difficult) it is to know when. That is why so many women have opted for the path of meditation to obtain that awareness.

With respect to the contraction of the muscles, I have heard that many women are not able to walk to the bathroom with the tense muscles. The problem of this tension is that they are not able to contract the pelvic floor muscles without contracting your buttocks, squeezing your legs or tighten your tummy (abdominal muscles). It is not necessary to any of that, with contracting the pelvic floor's worth, and I assure you that you can walk perfectly.

Bleeding free for the night

Practice bleeding off for the night is the most advanced level of this movement. If it is able to automate the process, the muscles of the pelvic floor will also work at night. Women who practice bleeding aware not tend to stain between the night.

Who can you do it?

Any woman can practice the bleeding, conscious and free. You must work the muscles of the pelvic floor and the body consciousness (in this case, the consciousness about the uterus to be able to "listen to him").

The freebleeding aware is contraindicated for some women and these are, on the one hand those with any dysfunction of the pelvic floor (such as the hypertonicity or esceso tone, hypotonia, prolapses uterine..). On the other hand, those with sexual dysfunctions such as anorgasmia or dyspareunia, due to pain. In any case, the most advisable is to consult a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor, or to a gynecologist.

Bleeding-free non-staining

It is possible to reach menstruating bleeding free conscious without staining. It is not a simple task, and for this there is a lot of work and getting it many times.

My personal experience

I don't do the bleeding-free or menstruation aware (yet), but still can't control it, I'm quite advanced. I have several menstrual cycles practicing (at least 8 months, already more than half a year). The first time I heard of the bleeding aware it was in a post by Tamara Rial. I cannot find the link to the post but I recommend to follow your account of Facebook, where there are very interesting things on the pelvic floor.

Thank you to have knowledge of Yoga (Hatha and Kundalini), Pilates and hypopressive abdominal gymnastics, I don't find it difficult to feel the pelvic floor and mobilize those muscles. The party mystic of the process (meditation) I've jumped (and perhaps therefore not in control at 100%).

What is note? It's like a slight movement in the uterus, if you can feel it, you'll be able to bleed consciously. That kind of movement is the "notice" that is spoken of when they say "listen to the womb." In that moment, you close with the contraction of the pelvic muscles, to not quit and hold the rule inside. After, you walk quietly to the bathroom, you sit down, and stop getting.

To me I find it very uncomfortable mancharme of blood, that's why I think that the best way to learn it is by using a compress. Try to practice the bleeding-free and non-staining, but if you escape something by learning (which will occur), don't stain.

The first time was a coincidence

The first time that consequí with success the free bleeding was a coincidence. Had already about 3 or 4 cycles to train, and really did not believe at all that it was possible. I was in an important meeting and I had forgotten to put the buffer (but did not know, he believed that what he had).