Beds in theáfeatures and trampolines fitness

Did you know that skipping can burn more calories than with running or aerobics? The trampolines and the trampolines fitness are the latest in exercise, both in lessons led as the Power Jump, as in people that buy your own trampoline or trampoline for exercise from home.

Trampolines and trampolines fitness

Jump 10 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to half an hour of running according to the Division of Research of the Biomechanics of the NASA. And if it says Nasa, something of true will... But Can Also burn so many calories (about 1000 for an hour) has more benefits? The answer is yes. Keep reading to learn more about all the benefits sports have these trampolines, and beds.

But before you focus on the benefits, it is important to clarify that, although the concept of exercising by jumping is the same, between a trampoline and a trampoline fitness there are differences.

What is the difference between a trampoline and a trampoline fitness?

The main difference between a trampoline and a trampoline fitness is its size. The trampolines are much larger and are closed by a mesh to prevent possible falls. The trampolines fitness are like trampolines but smaller. These trampolines have a handle that resembles a handlebar-simplified, to be able to hold on with the hands during the jumps. Generally, it is associated to the trampoline with the leisure and trampolines with the physical exercise.

If you're looking for more information in the web you will find everything you need to know about trampolines, trampolines for fitness, its benefits and see the best prices if you decide to install one in the garden of your house.

Benefits of trampoline fitness

Why do we talk so well about this type of platforms? Because we love them. In addition to being one of the most thrilling activities that can be performed, the "jumping fitness" have all these benefits:

  • It strengthens the bones. The body interprets the fall as an increase of the force of gravity, which increases bone density
  • Increases the balance
  • It works the cardiovascular system
  • Improves circulation
  • Burns calories (about 1000 calories an hour jumping)
  • Improves coordination
  • It tones your legs and glutes
  • Strengthens the muscles of the back
  • Increases the tone of the abdomen

Part of the benefits, we must say that all these jumping platforms are any contraindications. While it is true that anyone can use them, also what is that caution should be used if you have injuries of the hip, knees or ankles. People with balance problems such as vertigo should not use them, as well as pregnant women.

Jump Vs. Running, Which is better?

Runners or runners commonly suffer injuries to knees and ankles as a result of the impact. This kind of injuries occur in those people who prantican impact sports, be it running or another. The impact is greatly reduced if you jump on a trampoline. When you jump, the force is distributed in equal parts between the knees, ankles, and legs.

Therefore, the jumps on this type of platform elastic is an exercise much more safe for the joints of the lower extremities. Thanks to these data, we can ensure that the activities of jumping and power jumping on trampoline fitness, or having a trampoline in the garden, are the best options to lose weight, even surpassing the activity as intense as running or aerobics.







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