As you get in shape from home

The lack of time, lack of wanting to or simply not wanting to go to the gym, can be some of the reasons for wanting to do exercise from the comfort of our home. What can we do if we want to perform exercise at home? Today, we will tell you some of the best ways to maintain our physical shape without leaving the house.

Exercising at home

So, What are the best ways to exercise from home? Among the best options of exercises to perform in house, we are dancing, exercises with kettlebell and yoga to stretch

Lose weight by dancing from home

Dancing is one of the best ways (and most fun) to burn calories. Through the dance we perform a cardiovascular activity important. In an hour's dancing can burn up to 500 calories. In addition to burning calories, dancing is a quick way to activate and accelerate the metabolism, so that every time burn more calories.

You can find number of videos of choreography, but what's more advisable is to follow a program to do gymnastics at home as a party mix, which offers affordable plans and professional equipment to do cardio dancing from home.

The kettlebel, essential to train at home

The Russian weight or Kettlebell is one of the best allies to train from home. This is a weight with a ball and a handle. Their size can vary from 2 Kg to weights really great. The versatility of the Kettlebell makes it a must-have accessory, because with it we can work from our arms to the legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, or waist. The squat burdened with Russian weight is one of the best exercises to tone the legs.

What is the ideal weight to start with? A person without injury may start training from home with a Kettlebell from 4 kg, but if you are going to take seriously it is better to buy a 6-kg

Presently you can find hundreds of exercises and routines with Kettlebell in the media and social networks like YouTube or Instagram.


Another of the exercises are perfect to perform at home is the ancient Yoga, because to do so we will not need anything more than a bit of space at home and a mat (or failing that, a blanket on the floor).

The only problem with Yoga is that you need to have taken some classes before you make it at home, since poor execution of the exercises or Asanas can be hugely harmful. Learn the technique from a good instructor before doing Yoga on your own is essential.

Other forms of exercise from home

If you're looking for more ways to lose calories at home and you are a lover of the gym, we may suggest that "bring the gym home by purchasing an elliptical, a treadmill or a stationary bike or Spinning. These options are less affordable than the previous, but they are still a valid option. In addition to the economic, to put one of these cardio machines at home also requires an extra space for placing them.


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