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Respiratory allergies are those in which a malfunction of the immune system causes a reaction of the body to certain allergens. Allergens are substances that can be found in the air and that they are harmless if you do not have any allergy. Among the common symptoms of this type of allergies we find the inflammation of nose, eyes, throat, etc...

Today we will focus on the types of respiratory allergies, as well as in their symptoms, and, as some supplements dietary online can help to alleviate them.


Allergies are caused when the body identifies a substance (called an allergen) as harmful, and the immune system reacts against the allergen. These allergens are innocuous for all those who are not allergic to them. Allergic cough is one of the symptoms of this type of allergies.

Among the most common symptoms are, allergic conjunctivitis with tearing, itching, or redness of the eyes, allergic asthma, that affects the bronchial tubes, the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose, causing secrección nose, sneezing, etc., in Addition, allergies can also produce skin irritations, such as hives or redness.

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a manifestation of respiratory allergy. Is related to allergic asthma. Both rhinitis as the allergic asthma there is an inflammation of the mucosa of the airways. The treatment for allergic rhinitis consists of the application of topical corticoids and antihistamines.

Among the most common allergens that cause allergic rhinitis we found the pollen of trees, flowers and grass. Allergies to pet hair is another common causes of allergic rhinitis. All of these allergens are found in the arie.

Pollen allergy

The pollen is an allergen produced by plants and flowers. Are grains tiny that the plants produce to reproduce. These small particles travel through the air. In people who are allergic to pollen, their immune system reacts by producing sneezing, watery eyes, redness and itching eyes, or asthma, among others. The most common type of pollen allergy are grasses, but there are other types such as the oleas or parietarias.

There are a number of precautionary measures you can take to avoid some effects of the pollen in allergic individuals, such as keeping the house closed, moist environment, maintaining the hygiene of hands and face, avoid the exits to the field, among others.

Allergy with cough

The cough is a symptom of allergy that occurs when the body identifies a substance (the allergen) as harmful, to which the immune system reacts. Given that coughing is a symptom of the common cold and the flu are often confused. Allergic cough is the one that appears at the contact with the allergen, and is often accompanied by other symptoms such as watery and itchy eyes.

Natural supplements to relieve allergies

There are a number of home remedies and natural supplements to relieve allergies. Use a humidifier at home to moisten the environment and to facilitate breathing, a remedy may be easy and cheap to fight and relieve the symptoms of respiratory allergies or allergic asthma.

Vitamin C

Among the supplements that can be used to relieve respiratory allergies are found, for example vitamin C. vitamin C is important for strengthening the immune system. In addition, this vitamin helps to reduce the constriction broquial.


The stinging nettle is a natural remedy against allergies. This remedy is safe, because it does not produce side effects such as drowsiness. One of the symptoms that can be alleviated by taking stinging nettle is allergic rhinitis.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress and helps to improve the inflammatory process that produce the allergies. The supplementation of this vitamin can be helpful in case of allergic asthma.

Do you know any supplement more to relieve respiratory allergies? You look forward to in the comments.



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